Marine operations

Service division of Caspian Energy Group is represented by “Crane Marine Contractor” (CMC) dealing with load out, transportation and installation of large-sized objects in operation places. Offshore operations are delivered on a turnkey basis from design to commissioning the completed object on site:

  • Towing, positioning and installation of platforms on a site
  • Mounting of platform substructures and topsides
  • Pile driving
  • Heavy lift operations at the sea and in ports
  • Mounting operations at construction of platforms at shipyards
  • Rescue and ship-lifting operations.

The Crane Marine Contractor Company is the operator and owner of a special fleet used for offshore operations. Company fleet:

  • Floating crane Bogatyr-3 capacity 300 tn
  • Floating crane Volgar capacity 1600 tn
  • Transportation pontoon Sevan capacity 5500 tn
  • Transportation pontoon MARGON capacity 6800 tn
  • Floating dry dock, launching weight of vessels 5400 tn
  • Towing fleet.