Project management

The key competence of CNRG Group is the system approach to project management from separate types of work through to complex management.

The function of the complex management of EPCI projects realized by CNRG Group is concentrated in the frames of the company “Caspian Energy – Projects” and includes:

  • General management and control for a project progress, records reporting;
  • Procurement and supply of whole set of equipment, logistics services; 
  • Management of production and mounting works;
  • Management of commissioning and testing; 

The informational corporate system of project management (KSUP) of CNRG Group works on the basis of the software modules PRIMAVERA and this provides on-line cooperation of all project participants in spite of their location and status.

Access to the information, its exchange and update are made from the offices where a project management team operates as well as from the ASPO sites where the construction takes place. KSUP enables to manage with all components of a project including:

  • Development of a schedule chart, control for manpower and works progress; 
  • Budgeting, development of responsibilities, control for expenses; 
  • Procurement and materials management; 
  • Registering of deviations from target costs and a schedule cart.

Projects completed (references):