13.02.2017 Deputy to RF Minpromtorg Head Inspected Construction of Cruise Liner on Lotos Shipyard.

01.11.2016 The President of Russia visited Astrakhan Shipbuilding Production Association (ASPO).

26.09.2015 A high-ranking delegation took part in launching of a tanker at the USC shipyard in Astrakhan.

09.04.2015 Russian presidential envoy to the Southern Federal District visited the “Caspian Energy Group” yard.

12.09.2014 Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Rogozin got acquainted with prospects of shipbuilding in the Caspian Sea.

04.06.2014 Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation visited facilities of the “Caspian Energy” Group.

31.07.2013 Delegation of Turkmenistan embassy visited the main site of Caspian Energy Group.

03.07.2013 A christening ceremony for the jack-up drilling rig Neptune.

13.04.2013 Vice Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin paid an official visit to the shipyard sites of Caspian Energy Group.

30.08.2012 Minister of international and foreign economic relations of the Astrakhan region visited Astrakhan Shipbuilding Production Association.

30.04.2009 The head of the RF Government Vladimir Putin visited the ice-resistant fixed platform for the field at the Caspian Sea.

31.08.2007 The first vice prime minister Sergey Ivanov visited Astrakhan Shipbuilding Production Association and partook in the operational trials of the floating crane Volgar.

16.05.2007 Russian presidential advisor Mr. Aleksandr Burutin visited the facilities of Astrakhan Shipbuilding Production Association (ASPO) in the course of his visit to the Astrakhan region.