Caspian Energy Group held a regular corporate Spartakiad

Astrakhan sports arena – “Novoe pokolenie” (New generation) – has housed the 3rd autumn Spartakiad of Caspian Energy Group (part of USC) on November 11.

Competitioners and spectators were greeted by honored guests – Maksim Fidurov, Astrakhan Minister of Physical Culture and Sports, and Sergei Kudryavcev, the head of the City Duma Committee on Physical Culture, Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy. “The Spartakiad unites us and unveils the new opportunities.  After all – we are able not only to work actively, but also to have a good outdoor activity”: noted Rustam Khalitov, Director General of Caspian Energy Management.

Vladimir Bosov, the chairman of the interregional trade union of workers of industry, transport and service, launched the competition. Teams competed in mini-football and street ball, table tennis, kettlebell-lifting and darts as well.

While teems were clashing each other on the sports arena, their children had fun and participated in experiments of the School of Scientific Wonders. Athletes and their fans restored strength with hot drinks and pastry. 

As a result of the intense struggle, the victory in the mini-football was pulled out by the team of Caspian Energy Management. ASPO team won a silver, and bronze – Caspian Energy Projects. 

But when speaking about a streetball, a team from ASPO was on the top. Silver and bronze won teams from Caspian Energy Projects and Caspian Energy Management as well.

Ilnur Dosaliev was much more experienced than others in table tennis, and has become the champion here. The second place was taken by Alexey Protopopov, third one – by Geinaden Schaimakov.

The strongest man in kettlebell-lifting was the representative of Crain marine Contractor – Leonid Kobzev. But the ASPO employee, Ilya Deykin, took silver. The third place was awarded to Ilya Beresnev from CEM.

The most accurate men in darts were team members from CMC, who took all three prizes. The best result was shown by Aleksandr Bogatov, silver was won by Leonid Kobzev and the third one became Dmitry Vasiliev.

These sport events are an element of social policy of USC, which keeps creating new conditions for personnel.

“Such events encourages to have an informal communication among the group and promotes sports” – according to the participants.

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