Coordination meeting with managers of procurement departments of USC companies took place in Astrakhan

The coordination meeting about supplies control with managers and representatives of procurement departments of USC companies took place on 15-16 June in Astrakhan.

Mikhail Kalugin, advisor to president of USC, greeted the participants of the meeting. He thanked the collective for the joint work and wished the following success. 

“According to the results of 2016 our mutual work brought almost 5,5 milliard Rubles for the company” – Mikhail Kalugin said. Recently Andrey Buzinov replaced Mr.Kalugin on the position of vise-president for procurement.

In his turn Andrey Buzinov introduced 3 blocks of issues for the agenda. The first block included a report of companies about the works results in the first quarter, reaching of procurement economy and effectiveness values, fulfillment of procurement budgets. In the second block a discussion of current initiatives on USC procurement system improvement was performed: optimization of regulatory and procedural base, development of main vessel equipment suppliers, localization and import substitution, creation of civil shipbuilding suppliers and guaranteed suppliers of SDO, plans for creation of automated procurement control system. The last part was dedicated to the personal introduction of procurement departments  managers, lively discussion of current key issues, problems and initiatives. 

“I am sure that we will be able to form a team of like-minded people, and now I need your active position in the current work and actualizing of initiatives on the procurement system improvement” – said the vice-president to the colleagues.

Representatives of procurement departments presented their reports, where they reflected the effectiveness and openness of the purchase activity, economy and achievement of planned figures, results of the small and medium business participation in purchases for the reported year. Besides, the meeting participants discussed in detail the initiatives on the system improvement. 

Upon results of the 1st quarter 2017 the winner is the procurement department of “Amursky shipyard”, the second place is shared between Repair Center “Zvyozdochka” and “BZS”. The winners received traditional souvenirs.

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