Caspian Energy Projects made launching of Jack-up Rig

At the main yard of Caspian Energy Group of Astrakhan Shipbuilding Production Assosiation (ASPO, JSC) was launched a Jack-up Rig project Super 116E. The client is Lamprell Energy Ltd., general contractor is Caspian Energy Projects, LLC.

According to contract it is planned to continue the completion of Jack-up Rig afloat in the aquatory of ASPO, including installation of deck equipment and commissioning. Delivery of Jack-up Rig to the customer is planned in the summer 2013.

Assembling and launching of a platform will be carried out by using a unique for the region submerged pontoon "Mar and Gon", the owner is the company Crane Marine Contractor (a member of Caspian Energy Group). Submersible pontoon with displacement of 6800 tons is a universal facility for assembling operations afloat and transportation of large objects, such as platforms topsides for installation in the sea.

Main dimensions of Jack-up Rig Super 116E:

  • Length - 74.1 m
  • Breadth - 62.8 m
  • Depth - 7.9 m
  • Legs - 3 x 120 m
  • Full displacement - approx. 11,000 tons

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