CDB Corall, the winner of the Ukrainian annual national business rating

CDB Corall (Sevastopol, Ukraine), being the part of the engineering division of Rosshelf Group (former Caspian Energy Group), became the winner of the national business rating held by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine based on the outcome of 2012.

The main criteria used to evaluate the participants of the rating were the operating rate of the company, such as profitability and liquidity, range of activity and financial solvency, efficiency of employment of resources and attraction as an investment.

National business rating is a complex program used to define the leaders of the economics of Ukraine based on the official data of the government statistics solely. The rating data allow determining the most attractive branches in the national economics for investment, having regard to credit risks, executing the analytical reviews and current  economic appraisals.

For reference only: Central design bureau Corall has got more than 40 years of experience in designing and now establishes itself as a leader in designing of technical facilities for offshore development. The main competitive advantage of CDB Corall is the provision of full range of project services. A great number of marine drilling and offshore production units for the Caspian and Baltic seas, the shelf of Vietnam, the Arctic Region and Far East was made based on the projects of CDB Corall.

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