"Itera" and CMT "Shelf" signed a contract for choosing of "type of drilling rig" for Block 21 in the Turkmen sector of Caspian Sea

In Astrakhan, November 30, 2011, the OGC "Itera" company and Centre of Marine Technology "Shelf" (representing the engineering division of the Group "Caspian Energy") signed the contract for technical and economical grounding of technical solution  " type of basement" - "the type of drilling rig" that is optimal for drilling an exploration well in offshore Block 21 in the Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea.

CMT "Shelf" has won the international tender announced by "Itera" in October 2011.

During the meeting, representatives from OGC "Itera" got acquainted with the capabilities of the Group "Caspian Energy" for construction of infrastructure objects for offshore fields in the Turkmen sector of Caspian Sea.

Following the meeting, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of OGC "Itera" Gennady Skidanov said: "The high engineering and production capacity of the Caspian Energy  Group, as well as proximity of the Group’s shipyards to potential deposits provide favorable conditions for further cooperation and future collaboration on the creation of infrastructure facilities for deposits of Block 21 in the Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea. "

OGC "Itera" - one of the largest independent producers and sellers of natural gas in Russia. Since 1998 "Itera" develops its own natural gas production in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District. The company has invested in the development of gas industry over U.S. $ 2 billion. "Itera" - the first private company that has commissioned gas fields in northern Russia. In total, the fields developed by "Itera", produced about 250 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

Caspian Energy Group (CNRG Group) was established in 2006.Key activities include the design, construction and offshore installation of technical facilities for development of offshore oil fields.  Caspian Energy Group is the only Russian contractor, working under the EPCI: Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation.

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