At the site of Astrakhan shipbuilding Production Association (ASPO) which enters to the production division of CNRG Group, the double sectioned combi-vessel for the Holland company Mobitrans Beheer B.V. was launched. It’s the third combi-vessel constructed at the ASPO wharves – the contract with Mobitrans Beheer B.V. means construction of seven similar non-self propelled combi-vessels. The contract price is about 3 millions of Euros.

The dry-cargo combi-vessel is intended for transportation of general bulk cargoes, including grain, mineral fertilizers and bulk steel, wood and containers of the International class. 
Astrakhan shipbuilding Production Association has vast experience in hull construction. More than twenty hulls of vessel of different types have been constructed at the ASPO wharves during last twenty years: tankers, dry cargo and chemical vessels.

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