Astrakhan Shipbuilding Production Association deploys a program of target personnel training.

A new department “Shipbuilding and power complexes of offshore facilities” was open on the basis of the Astrakhan State Technical University (ASTU).

Opening of the department is the result of the agreement about cooperation between ASPO and ASTU in the spheres of educational, scientific and technological and production activities.  The terms of the agreement expect target contract training of the ASTU students on specialties as per ASPO requirements as well as advanced training of the company’s personnel. The same HR corporate program will be realized at DB “Astramarin” JSC (included into the engineering division of CNRG Group). 

ASPO general director Konstantin Marisov underlined strategic meaning of the business investment into education: “realizing this project we plan to motivate field-specific graduates to the work in the shipbuilding sphere and to provide ASPO enterprises with highly professional scientific and production specialists».

For complete and complex realization of these aims the department “Shipbuilding and power complexes of offshore facilities” will be organized at ASPO and DB ‘Astramarin” structures which will provide direct connection of the educational process with engineering and production activities of the company.

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