Training and Career

HR monitoring, driven by CNRG Group, provides continuous increase of the professional level and realization of the personnel potential.

For realization of the corporate strategy aimed to meet high requirements of the customers CNRG Group engages preserving personnel which is motivated to increase results of their own activities.

So for work in CNRG Group we engage specialists of high level and provide realization of their potential.

CNRG Group production personnel engaged into construction of offshore facilities is in correspondence with the strict international and national standards as well as the requirements of the Russian regulatory documents.

The deployed system of education and development enables each employee to expect career progress and reward which is in correspondence with the level of his competence and his own contribution to the results of the company’s activity.


In October 2009 the basic subdepartment “Shipbuilding and power-generating complexes of marine facilities” was established together with ASPO and the Institute of marine technology, energy and transport, the branch of ASTU.

One of the strategic objectives of Caspian Energy Group is to establish the system of the effective adaption of shipbuilding and ship-repair engineering newcomers for the production and engineering activities performed by the company. This system should be implemented within the shortest period of time. It should help promoting the prestige of shipbuilding and ship-repair engineering sphere in the region.

There are two directions for the implementation of this project. The reform of the wage system is carried out in the companies joining the Group, resulting in fixing of salaries and uplift of 15-20% higher for the employees having higher engineering education within shipbuilding and ship-repair sphere compared to other qualifications. This rule is set for all employees of the Group falling under this category irrespective of age and work experience in the company. This increases the prestige of shipbuilding specialists, creates a positive image of engineering jobs dealing with the shipbuilding for future students of Astrakhan universities.

Secondly, in October 2009 the basic subdepartment Shipbuilding and power-generating complexes of marine facilitiesԠwas established together with the Institute of marine technology, energy and transport, the branch of Astrakhan State Technical University (ASTU), as the part of one of the enterprises of the Group – Astrakhan Shipbuilding Production Association. The specialists of Caspian Energy with the support of the teaching staff of ASTU developed an additional program for students training. This program provides learning the whole process of fabrication of complex facilities for offshore fields development using practical examples from engineering stage to construction, delivery and commissioning. Only skilled specialists employed in the company participate in training.

Throughout the study the students learn the practical issues dealing with ecology and industrial safety, quality management, means and methods of project management. They discover new methods of computer-aided designing, software products applied by the engineering personnel of the Group.

The individual account to finance this project has been opened in order to develop and form the basic subdepartment of Caspian energy. In particular, the additional equipment for welding laboratory was purchased, scholarship was found and paid to the most successful students and graduate students, the teachers labour is additionally compensated.

Besides Caspian Energy together with the Institute is planning to hold the research and technology contest Project of the year, where the participants, students of ASTU, will be offered to meet engineering challenges actual for the Group. The best projects that are to be defined by the mutually formed research and technology council will get the grants. For example, the Group is going to pay RUB 100 000 to the winner for the best project.

This experience of the mutual cooperation of Caspian Energy and ASTU was rather successful as the favorable example of effective interrelation of business and education spheres in the region according to the participants of the research and technology panel discussion "Organization of territorial and production clusters in transport, port, energy saving and shipbuilding sphere", held by the Ministry of Education within Caspian educational forum.

The implementation of the project basic subdepartment permits Caspian Energy attracting newcomers having sufficient practical knowledge. This makes the adaptive process easier allowing the first days of newcomers at work to be more effective, improving the quality of the education of the shipbuilding students. The main issue over a long period is finally solved, i.e. preparing qualified personnel has the beneficial effect on the operation of the shipbuilding companies in the region.

ASPO Personnel LLC

Professional management and skilled production personnel work for ASPO Personnel LLC permitting to achieve the identified goals.

Production personnel includes employees of different industrial specialities such as derrick barge fitters, gas cutters, pipe fitters, assembling fitters, outfitting mechanics and gas and arc welders who have individual certificates of Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping.

Production management team comprises the specialists providing the engineering support and management personnel HSE trained and certified. Production managers have passed and been certified to work in line with the electrical safety requirements, with cranes and hoisting devices.

Management section of the company includes the team-orientated skillful officers, managers and specialists. Depending on the scope of projects under implementation the company can attract additional candidates pool of up to 300 blue collars.

ASPO Personnel LLC boosts its dynamic development systematically and purposefully allowing its employees to improve their skills and to reach the professional advancement, social protection and voluntary health insurance, to provide purchasing of new equipment and perfect overalls, and getting competitive salary.