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SuncarIce-resistant fixed platform for the Korchagin&Filanovskogo oilfieldsZhdanov-AJack up drilling rig of Super 116E projectCaspian Pipe-lay barge CASTORO-12 and Trenching barge CASTORO-16

Caspian Energy Group structure combines resources enabling to fulfill complex projects relating to construction of facilities for offshore fields development.

The strategic goal of Caspian Energy Group is strengthening and increasing of competitiveness of Russian manufacturers of complex marine facilities for continental shelf development and Caspian shelf development first of all.

The enterprises constituting the Group are combined into divisions. Integration of engineering, production and service divisions within the Group structure guarantees operational reaction on dynamic and competitive environment and provides efficiency and transparency in projects on construction of facilities for onshore fields development.

Quality and HSE policies of Caspian Energy Group are based on the strict compliance with international and national standards, rules and regulations.